Best Sleep Program: The Best CPAP Machine Reviews

Best Sleep Program: The Best CPAP Machine Reviews

Of all sleep disorders, sleep apnea is perhaps one of the most frustrating. If you stop breathing sporadically throughout the night, chances are you’re suffering from sleep apnea, even if you hadn’t come across the term before.

There are 3 main types of this disorder:

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea: With OSA, your upper airway becomes blocked as you sleep. This often occurs when your tongue falls onto the soft palate which in turn falls against the back of your throat. With the airway closed, you’ll struggle to breathe properly
  • Central Sleep Apnea: With central sleep apnea, your brain fails to transmit to your muscles the signals to breathe
  • Complex Sleep Apnea: With complex sleep apnea, a combination of the above 2 forms of sleep apnea takes place resulting in the same disturbance of normal sleep patterns

If you suspect you’re experiencing sleep apnea, here are some simple tests to help you shed more light on the matter.

Firstly, the bad news…

There’s no known cure for sleep apnea.

The good news, though, is that there are a number of pretty effective treatments so it’s not something you need to put up with if it’s impacting your sleep to the extent you feel tired throughout the day.

To this end, we’re going to probe one effective method of fighting back against this pervasive disorder afflicting more than 20 million people in the US alone.

Our CPAP machine reviews – we’ll also cover the best BiPAP machine – provide you with a hard-hitting weapon with which you can it back at sleep apnea but what do these acronyms even mean?

Our Top Pick
Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP Pro
First up in our best CPAP machines reviews is our overall winner based on a number of factors from performance and price to noise levels and comfort.
  • SmartRamp Technology
  • Humidifier (heated)
  • Tubing (heated)

What Is a CPAP Machine?

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines and bi-level positive airway pressure machines are similar in nature and both can be used as an effective treatment for sleep apnea.

CPAP machines and BiPAP machines function in more or less the same way. They push pressurized oxygen to your airways by way of a mask.

With CPAP machines, the machine is set to a single pressure. There’s some variation here with some models delivering a comfort setting where pressure is gradually ramped up. BiPAP machines, by contrast, allow for one pressure setting when you’re inhaling and another for exhaling. This allows you to get much more air into your lungs.

With that basic definition in place, we’ll launch straight into our CPAP machine reviews so you can get a solid overview of the best products on the market. After that, we’ll give you some concise pointers on getting the right CPAP or BiPAP machine for you the easy way.

Comparison Table of the most popular CPAP Machines.

With a varied selection of premium and cheap CPAP machines on the market, choosing the best one can often feel overwhelming.

Luckily, we’re here to strip away that confusion and point you in the direction of the CPAP machine that can help you sleep.


Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP Pro

  • Prescription required
  • SmartRamp Technology
  • Alerts and reminders

APEX XT Sense with Humidifier

  • Auto Altitude Adjustment
  • Washable, reusable filters
  • Integrated humidifier with 6 heat settings

DreamStation Auto CPAP with Humidifier

  • C-Flex, A-Flex, C-Flex+
  • Software and onboard data card
  • Humidifier (heated)

ResMed AirMini

  • ActiveAir Technology
  • HumidX waterless Humidifier
  • AirMini app

ResMed AirCurve 10 S with HumidAir

  • TiControl for flow cycling
  • Cloud-based AirView Technology
  • ClimateLineAir heated tubing

Rather than overwhelm you with a bunch of CPAP and BiPAP machines that would leave you more confused than before, we chose the very best from each of these 5 categories:

  • Best CPAP Machine Overall
  • Best Budget CPAP Machine
  • Best Auto CPAP Machine
  • Best Travel CPAP Machine
  • Best BiPAP Machine

We’ll get straight down to business now with these best CPAP machine reviews so you can decide which one fits best with your needs and budget…

Best CPAP Machine Reviews

Best Sleep Program: The Best CPAP Machine Reviews

With more than 20 million people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in the US alone, Philips identified a gap in the market. The global giant, under the Respironics umbrella, has long dominated the sleep therapy space with their array of CPAP machines. Philips bought out Respironics in 2007.

Best CPAP Machine Overall

I love the DreamStation for its quietness. Two previous pulmonologists set my former CPAP’s ramps/pressure to range from 4-11; this one, via the VA, is set to 4-20 and I have much better sleep, not waking up exhausted. Unfortunately, the water reservoir is so small it empties before I get 8 hours of sleep. In fact–even though the humidity gauge is set at the recommended # 3–I can hear sizzling (a low boiling sound) after only 6 ours of use.

A Customer Review.

When Philips conducted a blind study of American sleep physicians back in 2016, Respironics came out as the single most prescribed sleep therapy system.

First up in our best CPAP machines reviews is our overall winner based on a number of factors from performance and price to noise levels and comfort.


  • Prescription required
  • SmartRamp Technology
  • Bluetooth
  • Software and SD card
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Mask off alert
  • Humidifier (heated)
  • Tubing (heated)
  • 2.2 pounds
  • 110 and 220 volts

When you’re hunting for the most effective CPAP machine, it’s easy to get bogged down in the bewildering array of models, many of which have similar names and equally similar functionality. Which one should you choose?

The DreamStation Pro is very much like the DreamStation Auto but in the case of this Pro, you’ll get a fixed pressure machine. The inbuilt bonus of rolling with the Pro, though, is that you’ll get to trial the auto CPAP functionality for the first month so you’ll be furnished with a full set of statistics allowing you to accurately fix the pressure once this monitoring trial has elapsed.

In return for pretty much all the meaningful features you’ll get on the Auto version – and we’ll look at that model in more detail directly below – you can pick up a great bargain from this industry Goliath without dipping out on performance. As with any sleep therapy machine, you should closely analyze your needs and speak with your therapist before committing to purchase. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution and you should think about your intended usage to ensure the best sleep solution to mesh with your requirements.

Connectivity is first-rate and you’ll be able to take advantage of the full gamut with Bluetooth and WiFi complemented by cellular coverage. This means you won’t be reliant on a home WiFi network, ideal for any tech-haters out there who still want the sleep they deserve. You will need to buy separate modules for either WiFi or cellular, though.

There’s an oversized color screen that presents all the key metrics you need at a glance. As well as outlining the hours you’ve been using your CPAP machine, you’ll be able to see monthly summaries highlighting those nights when you’ve been rewarded with a minimum of 4 hours of effective sleep therapy. This LCD is complemented by controls and a user-friendly interface handily positioned front and center so you can take charge from your bed.

CPAP machine are not ever likely to win design awards. The last thing you’d want, in fact, is a machine where form was prized over function. Philips Respironics have done a sound job of streamlining this unit so it won’t spoil the lines of your bedroom, though.

As a final kicker, this DreamStation is wonderfully quiet even when it’s running at full clip so you won’t be forced to invest in further equipment to mitigate the noise some cheaper units can kick out.

The tubing heats up for added comfort and it’s solid enough to stay the distance. You’ll also get a handily heated humidifier to complete a robust package catering for all your sleep therapy needs.

There’s no single factor that elevates the Philips DreamStation Pro above the competition, it’s the way all the important elements come together to provide you with the best sleep you can get that makes it our overall winner.



  • Pressure applied throughout the night as needed with the DreamStation making automatic adjustments as required while you slumber peacefully
  • That auto-adjustment falls away after the first month so if you think you’ll need that flexibility, invest instead in the DreamStation Auto
  • Get all the data you need on a crisp and clear LCD display including a summary of every night over the previous month when you’ve enjoyed at least 4 hours of solid sleep
  • 30 days free trial of breath-by-breath automatic CPAP therapy so you can see which pressure you should use ongoing
  • Tubing is remarkably easy to connect and rugged enough to withstand sustained and heavy use
  • Super-quiet in operation rated at less than 30 decibels so you won’t have your further disturbed


  • You will need a prescription for this CPAP machine so make sure you arrange that in advance

We appreciate here at Best Sleep Program that everyone not only has different needs, but also varying budgets. That’s why we’ve scoured through and tested a broad spread of cheap CPAP machines to bring you the best budget model that won’t let you down or fail to deliver. The company strapline is “Do the right thing the first time” and that’s precisely what you’ll be doing if you need a cheap CPAP machine and plump for the XT Sense.

Best Budget CPAP Machine

Shipped quickly, well packaged. Easy set up. Unit was programmed 3 to start and ramp to 4. Changed that to match my old machine, 3 ramp to 7. You have to obtain the clinician instructions to change this setting, available online with some searching. I bought the unit combined with heated humidity. Comes with a manual, carry bag and a free mask.

After a week I can tell the difference. So far so good.  

A Customer Review.

As an inbuilt advantage, the APEX XT Sense also happens to be one of the most compact CPAP machines so works well for travel purposes as well as coming in at a remarkably keen price-point.

A glimpse at the core features before we probe this nifty little CPAP machine in more depth…


  • Prescription required
  • Auto Altitude Adjustment
  • Ramp pressure
  • USB and SD card
  • Low pressure alarm
  • Washable, reusable filters
  • Integrated humidifier with 6 heat settings
  • 6 feet of hosing
  • 3.1 pounds
  • 110 to 240 volts

Make no mistake, while the APEX XT Sense is diminutive, you won’t be stiffed in terms of the quality of CPAP therapy administered. After all, there’s no point in saving a few bucks if you end up with something that does nothing to improve the quality of your sleep. Along with this penetrating performance, you’ll also find this machine a cinch to use even if you’ve never dabbled with a CPAP machine before.

Ramp pressure ratchets up gradually so you can drift off toward dreamland rather than experiencing an aggressive and disconcerting increase in pressure. Pressure remains nicely stable too so you should notice a definite spike in sleep quality without needing to spend a fortune.

Tracking your sleep therapy is simplified thanks to the neat LCD display and you can take the SD card to your healthcare practitioner for added input. If you prefer, you can also use the included USB cable and drag that information off and onto your favorite device instead.

Auto Altitude Adjustment is a nice touch on a cheap CPAP machine with the XT Sense self-regulating in line with ambient temperature and pressure.

A half dozen heating levels on the humidifier allows you tailor your sleep therapy while remaining comfortable as you edge toward the sleep you deserve.

The tiny footprint means you can slip this CPAP machine onto the smallest nightstand with ease so it’s within easy grasp. While it didn’t carry off the crown today for best travel CPAOP machine, that’s as much as anything because we couldn’t help but award it the best budget CPAP machine instead. If you travel frequently and want to continue your sleep therapy when you’re away, the compact nature of the XT Sense lets you slip it in your baggage without feeling burdened. This is a truly versatile piece of kit.

Filtration is more than fit for purpose and you can expect perhaps 6 months of regular use before you need to swap it out. During that time, you can easily wash and re-use it.

The 2-year warranty gives you peace of mind and is frankly more than we would expect from a CPAP machine in this price bracket. If your budget is slightly tight but you refuse to compromise on quality, we can’t recommend the APEX XT Sense strongly enough. As always, though, it’s absolutely vital to speak at length with your doctor and sleep therapist before embarking on a course of CPAP treatment. The fact you’ll need a prescription is there for your own protection and you should not see this as a restriction but rather as a safeguard.


  • Outstanding price to performance ratio proving great things can come in small packages and needn’t cost the earth either
  • Use either USB or SD card for the purposes of data storage so you can access and share key metrics fuss-free even if you’re not a technophile
  • You won’t need an external power brick and you can just plug your APEX straight into the wall, again ideal for travel
  • Super-light CPAP machine weighing just over 3 pounds with the humidifier attaches and a mere 1 ¾ pounds without
  • Rated at just 28 decibels so one of the quietest machines on the market as well as one of the smallest
  • Incredibly user-friendly experience so a perfect introduction to the world of CPAP sleep therapy


  • Although it supports varying voltage supplies, this machine is built for the US market so you’ll need an adapter for non-standard outlets

The only reason the DreamStation Auto CPAP didn’t steal the crown as best overall CPAP machine is because price was one of the elements we considered. Make no mistake, this model is not cheap but then what price can you put on a better night’s sleep than normally permitted by unchecked obstructive sleep apnea?

Best Auto CPAP Machine

It’s amazing to see how far the CPAP machines have gone! I love this CPAP and use it on regular basis – no complaints so far.

A Customer Review.

Like any reputable manufacturer, Philips Respironics continue to tweak their products regularly and this retooled iteration has slimmed down dimensions while functionality is fattened up for the double-win.

As with all CPAP machines, you’ll need a prescription, but this is not a bad thing. You should always seek the advice of your healthcare provider and sleep therapist before trying to navigate the minefield of sleep therapy to ensure you’re pointed in the direction of the most appropriate CPAP machine. Trying to navigate this minefield solo would potentially yield the wrong unit for your needs.


  • Prescription required
  • C-Flex, A-Flex, C-Flex+
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Software and onboard data card
  • Color LCD screen
  • Mask off alert
  • Humidifier (heated)
  • Tubing (heated)
  • 4.4 pounds
  • 110 and 220 volts

We’ve categorized these best CPAP machine reviews so you’re not forced to wade through a bewildering range of products confusing you more than helping you. If you’re fixed on an automatic CPAP machine and you have the cash to spare, there’s simply no substitute for the flagship DreamStation Auto.

As with the DreamStation Pro, you’ll get the complete package featuring a heated humidifier and heated tubing. The former slips off fuss-free turning this into an impromptu travel CPAP machine. This is particularly valuable if you spend a lot of time away from home but you don’t want to sacrifice your sleep therapy or carry an unwieldy unit.

Although it’s not obligatory, you can harness the user-friendly app using Bluetooth if you want to monitor usage hours and receive handy hints about extracting best value from your machine. Sharing data with your physician is simplified if you invest in a cellular or WiFi module. If you don’t fancy this, there’s an onboard SD card you can take in when you next have a face-to-face appointment.

You’ll find the water chamber is nice and easy to top up and you can pop it in the dishwasher so you won’t be faced with a tasky clean-up job either.

As with all the best CPAP machines on the market, the DreamStation Auto is rated at well under 30 decibels, barely 25 decibels when used without the humidifier. This is literally whisper-quiet and roughly comparable to noise levels in a public library.

You’ll experience the strange sensation of hearing your breathing amplified if you don’t crank the heat up on the tube but that’s what it’s there so we would suggest you up the heat level to avoid hearing sounds like Darth Vader issuing out!

Double filtration is a nice touch but you should keep on top of these to make sure they don’t get clogged up. This will lead to an increase in noise.

You might think that with all this functionality, the DreamStation Auto would be awkward to use but everything from the intuitive interface to the straightforward pairing with your smartphone combines into a supremely user-friendly experience. Even if you’ve never used a CPAP machine before, you should be up and running pretty much straight out the box.

We’re always unfailingly honest when it comes to reviewing products and we’ll be the first to let you know when something falls short of the mark. In the case of the Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto, it’s only really that eye-watering price tag we could point the finger at. If you can afford it, though, it represents the strongest automatic CPAP machine up for grabs as we edge into 2019.


  • Fully automatic CPAP machine so will detect the precise pressure you need and deliver it accordingly
  • Reduced footprint in this revamped model so ideal to slot onto smaller nightstands
  • DreamMapper app allows you to get even more from your DreamStation Auto and it’s a cinch to use even if you’re not the biggest technophile
  • Two-stage filtration sees off even the tiniest particles helping you toward the dreamy sleep you deserve
  • Humidifier detaches with ease making the machine easier to transport if you’re heading on holiday and need to take it on the road with you
  • Track your progress toward unmolested sleep with the previous 3 nights highlighted so you can easily determine the effectiveness of this mighty machine


  • The price tag might put off some but we’d argue the DreamStation Auto still represents outstanding overall value if you’ve got a more fluid budget

Today, so many of us have relentlessly busy lifestyles involving a great deal of time on the road for business and pleasure both. If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, the last thing you want is to interrupt your sleep therapy just when it’s starting to take full effect.

Next up in our best CPAP machine reviews is the first of a powerful pair from ResMed perfectly suited for travel purposes. This machine also delivers fully robust functionality using the same proven algorithms you’ll find on ResMed’s AirSense 10 series of CPAP machines

Best Travel CPAP Machine

Great site with lowest prices I could find on Resmed AirMini. When there was a brief delay due to a backorder, one of the owners contacted me via email to let me know and when I could expect it; and again when it shipped. Very nice experience.

Works as advertised. No disappointment.

A Customer Review.

The company ethos is Changing lives with every breath, and you’ll find that transformative effect is within reach if you dig deep and treat yourself to a ResMed AirMini to help combat the frustration of OSA.

Qualifying as the world’s smallest CPAP machine, AirMini is the obvious choice for best travel CPAP unit and we’ll outline just some of the ways this can restore normality to your life if it’s being blighted by sleep deprivation.      


  • Prescription required
  • ActiveAir Technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • AirMini app
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Mask off alert
  • HumidX waterless Humidifier
  • Tubing
  • Mask connector
  • Optimized for 20 Series masks
  • 0.66 pounds

Front and center, this CPAP machine works in tandem with an app that calls for a current smartphone. Bear this in mind and don’t proceed if you’re still working with that old Nokia. If you do have the requisite Android handset or iPhone, the app is intuitive and a dream to navigate. Once you’re all set up, you’ll also get ongoing support in-app, so you won’t be cut adrift if you run into any snags.

Despite its stature, you’ll get waterless humidification and the specs you’d expect from a much larger machine without any of the drawbacks bigger equipment brings with it.

You can use any of ResMed’s masks from the legendary 20 series to the AirMini-specific AirFit P10. You should bear in mind that if you opt for the full-face mask, you won’t get that waterless humidification, though. You’re spoiled for choice with noise pillows too. You’ll also get a generous bundle of it included with a handy carry bag to keep everything safe and organized when you hit the road again.


You’ll be able to freely tweak the comfort settings. This is key since one machine certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to sleep therapy.

With ResMed’s Active Air Technology, vent flow is kept to an absolute minimum. This is what underpins a small CPAP machine that’s still able to deliver such highly effective sleep therapy.

Maintenance is pretty straightforward. You should regularly monitor your mask with all instructions for disassembly included in the comprehensive user guide. Make sure, too, the nasal pillow aren’t showing any signs of wear-and-tear. Aside from regular cleaning, the ResMed AirMini is as close to set-and-forget as any CPAP machine can get.

If you want a portable unit but you’re wary of investing in something you feel might stiff you with inadequate sleep therapy, we’d urge you to dig a little deeper and get yourself the ResMed AirMini. As long as you have the budget to spare, there’s little meaningful we can say to knock this class-leading travel CPAP machine so what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with your sleep therapist today and get a professional opinion to set your mind at rest.


  • Pocket-sized CPAP machine that punches dramatically above its weight so works well both at home and away
  • Innovative waterless humidification combines convenience and comfort, essential in any CPAP machine worth its salt
  • AirMini app is a breeze to set up and use and is easily downloadable on your chosen smart device
  • Broad choice of compatible masks and nasal pillows so everything works together in perfect harmony
  • ResMed’s proprietary ActiveAir Technology gives you first-class sleep therapy that’s tried, tested and proven even if you’re constantly traveling and need a portable CPAP machine
  • Impressive range of optional accessories up for grabs so you can customize your sleep therapy to your needs


  • This CPAP machine is app-driven so scratch it off your list if you don’t have a smartphone

Rounding out our best CPAP machine reviews, we have a bi-level device, again from ResMed. The reason the products we’ve looked at today include a pair of machine from each of two brands is because ResMed, along with Philips Respironics, exercise a stranglehold on the sleep therapy space based on continued excellence. It would be remiss of us to serve up suggestions that fall short of this gold standard just for the sake of variety.

Best BiPAP Machine

This is such an improvement over my previous machine. I am like a new man! This is top of the line, real deal machine. Very, very happy with it!

A Customer Review.

If you’re suffering from obstructive sleep apnea but you find using continued fixed pressure devices awkward to get used to, a BiPAP machine is the obvious solution. Non-invasive and coming with 2 separate, adjustable set pressures, the AirCurve 10 S also comes into its own if you need an extra helping hand with pressure support.


  • Prescription required
  • TiControl for flow cycling
  • Cloud-based AirView Technology
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Vsync leak management
  • HumidAir Humidifier
  • ClimateLineAir heated tubing
  • SmartStart
  • Climate control
  • Easy-Breathe motor

If you’re on the trail of an efficient and powerful BiPAP machine, we’ve done the hard work for you and we’d stridently recommend chatting with your sleep therapist about ResMed’s user-friendly if expensive AirCurve 10 S.

One thing the AirCurve 10 S has in common with all the other units in our CPAP machine reviews is that it’s super-quiet in operation. One of the reasons we curated this list and adopted a hardline stance of including only the very best CPAP and BiPAP machines is because so many sound like a tractor. This is obviously the last thing you need when you’re seeking to address sleep problems and ResMed has you covered with the Easy-Breathe motor.

Responsive controls, a slick interface and a crisp LCD display come together to give you a supremely user-friendly experience, again crucial when you’re looking to simplify your life and improve your sleep at the same time.

Sometimes you’ll find that sleep apnea hit you harder than normal. ResMed is aware of this and with their proprietary flow cycling, therapy will be delivered accordingly and ramped up when required.

Sharing data is another flashpoint with some cheaper and less effective CPAP or BiPAP machines. You’ll run into no issues on that front with the AirCurve 10 S. As long as you’re tech-savvy enough, you can use the wireless connectivity to show your doctor how well you’ve been sleeping under the influence of this ResMed machine and get the feedback you need to make further tweaks and improvements.

Tubing is heated thanks with the ClimateLineAir system in place so you won’t need to tinker around just to get the basic level of comfort you require. With the humidifier built in, what you lose out on in terms of portability, you gain when it comes down to set-up and simplicity.

If you’re convinced that bi-level sleep therapy is the best approach for you – and, again, you should always seek a professional opinion – the ResMed AirCurve 10 S stands in a league of its own in a crowded market glutted with many sub-par machines that give false hope while wasting your money. We stand behind this machine firmly and would urge you to pop it on your shortlist when you’re shopping for the best BiPAP machine.


  • Highly responsive temperature in the tubing for perfect automatic air regulation
  • Impeccably designed tubing gives you enough freedom to compensate for movement in your sleep without compromising the seal of your mask
  • Spontaneous flow cycling works well if sleep apnea is pushing you hard while you’re trying to sleep and the machine will kick in to mitigate challenging conditions
  • Fully wireless comms so you can make full use of the data at your fingertips and share it easily with your doctor and sleep therapist
  • EasyBreathe functionality approximates your natural breathing while climate control keeps both temperature and humidity consistent
  • Despite such punchy functionality, the AirCurve 10 DS bi-level machine is straightforward to use even for absolute beginners


  • Ruthlessly expensive compared to some of the competition but you’ll get a rock-solid BiPAP machine in line with the price tag from a brand you can trust

What To Consider When Looking For The Best CPAP Machine

Since your doctor or sleep therapist will doubtless give you some specific pointers on the most effective type of CPAP machine or BiPAP machine for you, we’ll keep the next part simple and save your time.

Type of Sleep Apnea and Type of Machine

The type of sleep apnea you have will dictate the kind of machine that makes the best fit.

If you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a regular CPAP machine is the most appropriate treatment delivery method.

With central or complex sleep apnea, BiPAP sleep therapy is generally more effective.

If you are suffering from OSA and experiment with CPAP machines to no discernible effect, it’s worth considering BiPAP therapy as an alternative.


While price certainly shouldn’t be the deciding factor in your purchasing decision, it does help to fix your budget in advance. This will help you avoid the temptation to overextend yourself while also whittling down your options without you needing to lift a finger.

The very best CPAP machines come with correspondingly high price tags.

Our considered opinion is that you should spend as much as you can stretch to and can comfortably afford, no more and no less. After all, what price can you put on the increased productivity and quality of life improved sleep health brings about?

Dimensions and Weight

Think about your intended usage and the amount of space at your disposal here.

If you have a smaller bedroom with limited room or you travel frequently and want a portable CPAP there are plenty of great compact models up for grabs.

Size and weight is much less important if you fall outside these criteria so you’ll have a wider choice of CPAP machines at your disposal.


Humidifiers come in many forms.

With most, you’ll be compelled to pour in some water while the odd model like ResMed’s AirMini works without.

Capacity varies considerably from model to model so you should focus here on your specific requirements and take capacity into account based on that.

Some humidifiers are detachable. This simplifies both cleaning and transportation. Again, it’s all about intended usage and there’s no right or wrong answer.


The standard length of CPAP machines hoses is roughly 6 feet.

If you need to position your machine slightly further from your bed for logistical reasons, look for one offering a more generous length of tubing.

Automatic Controls

A number of machines come with auto on/off functionality. Some self-adjust to your breathing patterns.

If you want this type of functionality, look for the best auto CPAP machine to avoid disappointment.

Sleep Metrics

It’s essential to be able to use the data you get from your machine to determine its effectiveness and to share these figures with your doctor or sleep therapist.

The technology allowing you to do this varies but all worthwhile machines will offer either Bluetooth, wireless or cellular connectivity. SD cards are the other commonplace method of data storage for CPAP and BiPAP machines.

You should also be able to view all this data on a display and with many of the smarter CPAP units, you’ll be able to use an app for even more robust functionality.

Alarms and Alerts

Flat batteries or a simple power outage can lead to pressure being cut off. Some of the better machines will alert you to this.

Other common problems include the mask coming off your face as you sleep or a leak developing in the hosing. Again, with superior models, you’ll be alerted to this so you can take prompt action.


Although the vast bulk of CPAP machines can run on 110 volts through to 240 volts, it’s always worth doubling down on the specs to make sure you don’t need the added expense of a transformer or adapter. We’ve steered clear of bombarding you with hollow facts and figures in favor of more practical reviews, but we’ve flagged the voltage issue on the CPAP and BiPAP machines we tested to save you the time of digging deeper.


The nature of CPAP and BiPAP machines means you can expect some noise but the better models keep this to a complete minimum. After all, you don’t want to replace one sleep problem with another!

Check the decibel rating of the CPAP machine you have in mind and look for one that runs as quietly as possible while meeting all your other requirements.


With that information in place, you should be in the position to consult your doctor and sleep therapist, get the necessary prescription then invest in the best form of sleep therapy on the market for combating sleep apnea.

We’ll round out with a balanced highlighting of the chief advantages of drawbacks of CPAP machines so you can see at a glance whether this type of therapy makes sense for you…

CPAP Machines: Pros and Cons


  • While not curing sleep apnea, CPAP therapy is arguably the most effective way of treating it so you’ll at least get improved sleep
  • The bulk of CPAP machine are extremely user-friendly even if you’re not the biggest tech-lover
  • You have a great deal of choice in terms of both price and functionality so there really is a CPAP or BiPAP machine for every sleep apnea sufferer
  • Convenient and portable, the majority of these machines have a small footprint and work just as well at home or on holiday


  • It’s possible you might find using a CPAP machine uncomfy or restrictive
  • While you can pick up a bargain, in general CPAP machines are pretty pricey
  • The tubing can lead to some restriction of movement and inhibit your natural sleeping position

Final Observations

We very much hope you’ve found some useful information here in these CPAP machine reviews. With any luck, you’ll be perfectly placed now to hit the buying trail without eating up too much of your precious time.

If there’s anything you’re still unclear of, drop us a line and we’ll do our very best to help out.

Come back soon as we’re just starting to test a range of products that can help with all aspects of sleep disorders and help you get the restful, dream-filled sleep you so richly deserve.

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