Sounds That Encourage You to Sleep

by Valerie Miller
by Valerie Miller

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Proper and enough sleep is necessary to stay healthy and sane. All humans need sleep to give their bodies and brain a chance to recuperate and recover, but the sad truth is that not everyone can get a good night’s rest.

In fact, many people struggle simply to fall asleep every night and most resort to taking sleeping pills just to be able to rest for the night. Yes, those pills do allow you to fall into a deep sleep, but they’re not the best in keeping you healthy.

There are other alternatives like listening to something soothing that works in lulling you to sleep. This alternative is healthier and natural, and it doesn’t require an expensive prescription from a doctor.

Why the Right Noise Helps Us Sleep

Before looking up relaxing sounds that make you sleep it’s good to understand how it works. The main reason why people can’t fall asleep is because they are thinking too much before bedtime. This causes the brain to work overtime as you spend time worrying and thinking about things you shouldn’t be.

When you are listening to soothing sounds you allow your brain to concentrate on the noise instead of your thoughts. This allows your brain to relax without over stimulating it with intrusive thoughts or images.

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If you’ve been plagued by worrying thoughts throughout the night and would prefer alternative methods to falling asleep other than sleeping pills, here are some suggestions for relaxing sounds that make you sleep that are worth looking into:

White Noise

White noise is the most common sound people listen to that helps them fall asleep. White noise is basically just a combination of noises all at different frequencies but at the same intensity. The reason why this type of sound works well is because of its consistency.

People are not distracted or disturbed from their sleep because of sudden noises that can jolt them awake. White noise also balances out the noises often heard or that are missing in a person’s surroundings which allow them to sleep comfortably through the night.

The Sound of Nature

Although white noise is a popular sound to listen to when trying to sleep there are others who prefer sounds with a little more life. The pleasing sounds of nature being played on a loop help people to relax because they imagine themselves surrounded in a peaceful setting like nature.

By having these images in their heads, people are distracted from the thoughts that keep them awake at night. Plus, nature sounds work better at covering up external sounds that may be too loud to be blocked by white noise alone.

A typical mix of nature sounds will include the chirping of birds and even the sound of rain with a bit of soft thunder. Hearing these noises can greatly help in keeping a person in a relaxed state, which is the best for trying to induce sleep.

Sounds of Water

Although water is a part of nature, there are some who prefer to only listen to the sounds of rushing water or the waves of the ocean, minus the chirping of birds or the clap of thunder. This is because the sound of water is more consistent when compared to the sounds of nature.

When you listen to sounds that make you sleep, having distracting noises that can often be heard can actually prevent you from falling asleep.

Ambient or Soft Background Noise

Another reason why some people find it hard to sleep is because it is too quite. These are instances where silence becomes too loud and unbearable. For many, the silence that bothers them can be remedied through simple ambient noises from their surroundings.

Some examples include the whirling of an electric fan or the soft but comfortable noise coming from a fish tank. Ambient sounds are the cheapest sounds that make you sleep, but they don’t work for everyone.

What Sound is Perfect For You?

The truth about falling asleep using sounds is that it doesn’t work for everyone. Some might prefer the sounds of a big busy city; others might prefer total silence. The key to falling asleep using sounds is to find what fits your needs and what sounds you’re most comfortable hearing. Once you’ve found those sounds, falling asleep will be as easy as A to Zzz.

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