Your Baby and Sleep

by Valerie Miller
by Valerie Miller

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Up to the age of 3 months, babies sleep more than you can imagine. Sleep is absolutely central to their development.

The main bugbear faced by parents is that infants sleep a lot in the daytime and are often up during the night.

With busy schedules, getting up in the night to coax your baby back to sleep while you yourself are sleepy can be challenging.

Getting babies to sleep at this stage is a common problem for all parents, especially if it’s the first child.

Parents need to make rapid adjustments and considerable sacrifices.

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In this article, we will help you deal with this issue and give you some great tips on making sure your baby looks forward to sleep.

Sleeping With Your Baby

It’s only natural to want your little one sleeping beside you.

This is a common mistake, though.

Sleeping with your baby in the same bed poses a significant danger.

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is when an otherwise healthy baby dies for no apparent reason

It can be caused by accidental suffocation or other injuries unintentionally caused if you share a bed with your baby.

So, no matter how much you love cuddling your babies to sleep, resist the temptation to sleep by them as you risk doing more harm than good.

During infancy, the safest place for babies to snooze is in their own crib.

We’ll look today at the best way to put babies to sleep without sacrificing too many of your own precious sleeping hours.

Baby Sleep: Best Practice

Place a Crib Beside Your Bed

If you want to keep your baby close at hand when he sleeps, particularly important if you are breastfeeding, place the crib at the side of your bed.

Just be very careful not to make contact with the crib while you sleep.

A bassinet is a smart choice. This is a type of crib with a hood and a stand. In size, it’s just a bit bigger than your baby. This snug fit gives babies the feeling of still being inside their mother’s tummy which makes them feel safe and completely secured.

You can use a bassinet as your baby’s first crib until they outgrow its dinky size.

Important Note: It is not advisable to keep your baby in the same room to sleep if anyone is smoking.

Use a Moses Basket Crib

This crib resembles the basket where Moses was laid in the Bible.

This is a basket crib without a stand which can contain your baby’s delicate body.

You can place your Moses basket anywhere near you for maximum convenience. You can even pop it on your lap when you’re outside.

For trips outside, a Moses basket takes some beating. You can let your baby slumber as you walk along carrying him.

Sleep and Your Baby

As your baby grows, so he will tend to sleep more in the day and less at night.

This can be a nightmare for parents. The problem is magnified if both of you are working. It’s only natural you’ll both need a peaceful sleep.

Often, the mother will lovingly sacrifice those sleeping hours to tend to the baby and allow her husband to have a restful snooze. But, it doesn’t always work that way…

Sometimes, compromise is unavoidable. Schedule certain hours for each of you to look after your baby rather like a rotational shift. One can get up for the first few hours of baby’s waking time then the other can take care of the next round as he wakes up. If this doesn’t work for you, be flexible. An alternative is to schedule yourself in for alternate days.

Ask your doctor for advice and supplements if you find you need to compensate for lost sleep.

Ways to Ensure Better Sleep for Your Baby

To avoid your baby being up all night and dead to the world all day, make use of the following ideas…

We’ll serve you up some handy hints now for helping your baby toward normal, healthy waking and sleeping cycles.

Comfortable Crib

Get your baby a proper crib that provides a haven of restful sleep. Hang colorful, rotating items above the crib or on its hood to keep the baby occupied, relaxed and (hopefully!) edging toward sleep. These toys can also help to stave off unnecessary tantrums and crying.

Cozy Bed Sheets

There is nothing more delightful to a sleepy baby than a clean, comfy and dry bed. Be sure to frequently change your little boss’s bedding. This is particularly crucial if the baby has wet or messed it.

Unclean sheets cause rashes, sore skin and health problems for your baby. There’s simply no excuse not to swap the sheets on a regular basis.

Quiet Environment

A noise-free environment will definitely help boost the likelihood of your baby getting a sound slumber. Keep the door and windows closed when your baby is asleep to minimize the sound from outside.

Lights Off

Make the room darker even during the day to help your baby get a better sleep. Use curtains or blinds with darker shades too. Be sure to turn off the lights as evening falls.


Rock your baby to sleep. Hum a lullaby while rocking the crib. Songs and music help develop your baby’s brain function. It will also cause him to feel sleepy. Do not stop swaying the crib until your baby is fully asleep.

Do not try putting your baby in the crib unless you’re sure he’s already sleeping deeply. Chances are, the infant will just wake up and you will have to start over.

Feeding Your Baby

Sometimes, your baby will wake and cry if he feels hungry. But that isn’t always the case. Mothers often fall into this mistake of feeding their babies whenever they hear them cry. Instead, feed your baby if he is genuinely hungry. Babies will turn their mouth away from the milk if they don’t feel the need to feed so there’s no need to go over the top with feeding.


Never lay your baby flat on his stomach or it can cause disruption of oxygen flow to the brain which can be fatal. Lay your baby with his back on the bed until such time that he can flip around and lie on his stomach.

Once your baby can move without assistance, there’s no further risk to them harming themselves by sleeping flat on their tummies.

The Waiting Game

Babies often give off small cries while sleeping. This is brought about by the sensations they feel while dreaming. Do not get up and immediately lift your baby out of the crib if you hear him cry. Wait for a few seconds.

If he suddenly stops, that means the baby is just dreaming. Just sway the crib to send him deep into dreamland. If he continues to cry, this is the time you should pick him up and investigate why he is making such a noise.

Important Note: Always put on a fresh diaper before coaxing your baby to sleep even if it doesn’t seem necessary. This will promote a longer, more comfortable sleep.

Wrap Up

Getting a baby to sleep, especially during the day, is challenging…

If the baby is up throughout the night, a bad situation gets worse.

Being a parent of a newborn is never easy, especially if you don’t have anyone to take turns in taking care of your little one at night.

We hope these simple tips about sleep and your baby can help you along your way.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, just give us a shout and we’ll help in any way we can.

Have fun experimenting!

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